The SoapGirls

“Unique, Raw, catchy, anarchistic Rock and Roll


“If being controversial means being consummate professionals, playing great original songs to an appreciative engaged audience and treating everyone with respect then The Soap Girls must be at the front of the pack.” – Devolution Magazine


The SoapGirls write outsider anthems with grungy punk pop infused guitars overlaid with harmonic vocals and huge melodious overtones and metal growls that are androgynous, audacious, and straight from the heart. Their music is a brand of storytelling with a strong message behind each track. With their DIY attitude and unbridled work ethic they have been named as a band to watch out for by music critics around the globe.


The SoapGirls, French born sisters from Cape Town, are often described as the world’s hardest working duo even during lockdown they never stopped performing over 400 live streams with varied theme nights and dark humor. Armed with unforgettable melodies and catchy choruses, The SoapGirls energy, rawness, and authenticity live, has earned them a deserved formidable reputation. Touring continuously since 2015 these fearless French born sisters Millie and Mie, have an impressive ever growing global dedicated base of followers known as the ‘The SoapSuds’.


Guitarist /vocalist Mie sets the pace beautifully as she powers through each song with a certain style and grace with guitar riffs that captivate every audience. Her vocals have been likened to an early Blondie. Drawing musical influences from Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Heart, Nirvana, The Butthole Surfers and R.E.M her preferred style of music being more melodic.


Bass player/Vocalist Millie is an onstage force to be reckoned with encompassing a unique bass technique with contortioning that you would rarely see in a live rock performance whilst never missing a note coupled with an insane vocal range often likened to Brodie Dalle, Tina Turner and Randy Blythe from her angelic notes to metal growls that will leave you disturbed Mille is undoubtedly a force on her own terms. Being a fan of heavier music from acts like Alice in Chains, Marilyn Manson, The Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Alanis Morrissette, Hole, Nirvana, Napalm Death and L7. which is evident in her furiously energetic performance as she connects and shocks the crowd.


Both sisters, although complete opposites, blend vocally and musically in a way that only siblings could and their live performance are delivered with a ruthless unmatched energy that is rare to find. Their harmonies are another aspect that sets them apart from other bands. Onstage and live is where The SoapGirls truly come alive and for those who have seen them live they cannot get enough.


With their Don’t Give A Damn Tour 2022 wrapped which saw them conquering new territories in the USA and Japan where they had sold out shows there is much excitement for their next worldwide tour titled Love Potion starts in May 2023 which Rock fans of all stripes can look forward to an extraordinary evening with one of the most energetic and wildest live bands with unmatched energy. Features on the band have appeared in Classic Rock, The Mirror and Vive Le Rock, Power Play magazine while their last two singles were played on BBC Radio and play listed by Planet Rock Radio.


Already as children, the fearless siblings Camille and Noémie Debray became an international attraction as street performers singing and selling homemade soaps to tourists in order to donate the proceeds to hospitals – so the public gave the well-known lively, nonchalant young ladies the name “The SoapGirls“. It is here really where the roots of their journey and their approach to their music and fans gave birth to them as rockstars.


As teenagers, they stormed #1 on the album charts in South Africa with dance-pop and their Debut album. In the same year, they placed all four single releases from the album in the top ten of the single charts.  Despite their youth, they quickly realized that success comes at a price.  The mechanisms and soulless marketing machinery of their major label Universal were against them.


From then on, The SoapGirls decided not to compromise on their songs and their live performance.  They left the safe haven of chart success, ended their collaboration with Universal, and followed their hearts.


Their passion was and is rock’n’roll – they celebrate true freedom, freedom of movement and authenticity paired with a provocative honesty that is second to none.  Social commitment and a good portion of punk attitude remain the basic attributes of The SoapGirls.  After their break in style, the musical cornerstones are alternative rock, grunge and glam paired with catchy melodies, great guitar riffs and choruses.  Some skillful excursions into the metal genre round off their spectrum.


In 2016, the first independent album in self-production “Calls For Rebellion” came about – with songs like “Bloody“, which addresses the blood spilled from government policies in Africa that create a social war. The second album “Society’s Rejects” was released only one year later and became the life motto of The SoapGirls.  In Japan, the album became a respectable success in the alternative charts with provocative songs such as “Rather Be Dead”, “Original Sin”, “Bad Bitch”, “Johnny Rotten”, “Step Outside”, “Party in Hell“.  This is followed in 2019 with their third self-produced album “Elephant In The Room” with smash hits “One Way Street” and “Bitter”. Their 4th album released In 2022 titled “In My Skin” has already been named by Tower Records in Japan as one of the top 5 albums played of the year.  In My Skin is a magnificent sonic blast of visceral rock’n’roll energy which is raw to the core. Whilst it pays more than a nod the likes of The Runaways and Joan Jett with a top slicing of Nirvana, Riot Girl and Shoegaze thrown into the mix, it is an album which defines the very essence of what they stand for and is undoubtedly another bold statement in the world of The SoapGirls.

The SoapGirls have catapulted themselves into the 1st league of the rock’n’roll scene with their onstage performances.  The uncompromising attitude and their energetic, extravagant live shows have ultimately earned them the reputation of absolute credibility and authenticity. Consequently, they have made it to the top act of the biggest rock, punk and alternative festivals such as Camden Rocks festival.

December  2022, the single “Psycho” was released, which is the 3rd single release of the new album “In My Skin”, there is a rumor that they will be releasing new tracks off their 5th upcoming album  – just as their tour kicks into high gear in Great Britain,  Europe and also head to Japan for a second time so be sure to catch them The SoapGirls Live on their Love Potion 2023 tour.


The SoapGirls remind us that music can still be straight to the point, efficient, honest and exciting.