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LGO - header“The SoapGirls are not your typical popstars. Having previously been signed up to Universal Music they’re now doing things on their own, pushing a DIY ethic and taking no prisoners along the way. It’s pop mixed with punk rock with grunge and more…”
Here is a great and informative interview The SoapGirls did while on their 2015 Calls for Rebellion tour with Lights Go Out fanzine… Lights Go Out interview with The SoapGirls

“The SoapGirls have now begun working on a sound meant to envelope the listener’s senses. It’s more urgent, aggressive and hits like an arrow straight to the heart. It’s awe-inspiring in the sense that the music can make your heart swell, your eyes mist and your brain race with a plethora of ideas. From their past, the girls have brought along the catchiness and pop sensibilities, but there is so much more ‘meat on the bone’ of “Hater”, compared to previous releases. As soon as I heard “Hater”, I was instantly hooked. This is a new version of The SoapGirls, better, stronger, smarter, and dare I say, classier, than ever before. It is an all-round powerhouse song.”
Rick Jamm – Jamsphere

BWD Magazine • THE SOAP GIRLS “Mixing a visionary heritage with the very French air of confidence and focus The Soap Girls are forerunners in bringing the infectious heartbeat of both music and the world to your play-list in a harmonious intensity and incomparable passion defined as the TSG Movement. Running full throttle towards their destiny Mille and Mie – aka The Soap Girls – are a brace of beauty and brains, bedecked in blonde, delivering a primal and raw, powerfully emotional sound that is as genre-changing as it is life-changing; affording the depth of pop to the energies of rock The Soap Girls have birthed a universal language of musical treats”

Robert Baker – BWDMagazine

“It’s an album that really has something to say and the songwriting pisses over a lot of so called big rock bands”
Ryan’s Gig Guide

Calls For Rebellion

“Not since Appetite for Destruction have I heard an album that wanted to make its point, this band is not to be messed with. These girls are great musicians with a knack for writing and performing great music.”.
– The Midland ROCKS



SoapGirls digital soul magazine


melographic october covermelographic oct














Melographic magazine featured The SoapGirls in their September issue and again as the cover story in their October issue.

Download the September issue here…Melographic September Issue

Download the October issue here…Melographic October Issue

TSG audio inferno

The SoapGirls have been named as one of the 8 Ladies Of African Rock You Should Know About by

Audio Inferno

See the article here…8 Ladies Of African Rock You Should Know About